The No.1 Skill a Digital Marketer Should Have

I will explain this with a story of a Marketing Genius who changed the world for good.

It was January of 1983 and Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Computers was very excited to unveil his company’s brand-new product to the world.

The LISA Computer

So, what made Steve Jobs so excited?

The LISA computer had 3 distinctive features

  • A Graphical Interface
  • Floppy drive slots
  • And a High resolution display screen (as per 1983’s standards)

Steve Jobs was so obsessed with product and its features that he ended up giving a 9 page advertisement in New York times.

Apple Lisa Advertisement on New York Times

Just imagine how expensive that would have been?

The ad was filled with information like – how great the interface was, how the computer chip worked, how the processor worked, how the floppy drives worked, full of technological jargon’s.

The public couldn’t understand much which meant the sales was very poor for LISA computer

We know what happened after that – Steve jobs was fired from Apple Computers in 1985.

How Steve Jobs Transformed to Become a Marketing Genius

After this high drama episode, Steve acquired movie production company Pixar Animation Studios.

In 1995, The Toy Story movie series produced by Pixar was one of the top grossing movies at that time.

Steve’s tenure at Pixar transformed him into a great communicator, because 10 years of his life he spent learning about people and how to captivate their attention by telling stories.

Steve Jobs learnt the art and science of communication and how people respond to communication from the best storytellers at that time – the storytellers at Pixar.

1996 saw the return of Steve Jobs to Apple

In 1997 he relaunched the famous “Think Different” campaign

Just 2 words – Think Different, compare this with the 9 page ad that Steve Jobs posted on the New York Times a 14 years ago in 1983.

The 2007 Steve jobs launched the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone launch keynote is still regarded one of the best keynote presentations ever.


In 2011 Steve Jobs made Apple – the most valuable company in the world.

Apple’s Marketing has played a major role in achieving that.

Today, the world considers Steve Jobs one of the greatest marketers of all time.

That’s the power of communication.

As Marketers I want you to aim high and dream big.

If you want to become a Marketer, learn to understand the core marketing functions first.

I have classified them into 6 topics

  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • Sales
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Funnel Marketing

I have outlined these topics in detail inside the “Top 1% Marketer Career Blueprint”, you can download it free.

In the next video, we will discuss about the different marketing verticals and how you should choose the right marketing vertical by understanding your core strengths.

Once you understand this you can fasttrack your career growth to become a Top 1% Marketer.

I hope you found this useful, if you think this can benefit your friends or colleagues, please feel free to share this knowledge with them.

I will see you in the next video.

Be Remarkable. Be an Alpha.