The No.1 Mistake Most Marketers Do (And How to Stay Away from It)

I see a lot of interest today in digital marketing, it’s emerging as one of the hottest career options today.

But here is a problem – A lot of people who want to make a career in digital marketing get obsessed with the tools and channels without understanding the marketing basics.

There are so many marketing tools and channels out there, they are sexy because they can get you some quick results even though you don’t know anything about marketing.

Spending time and energy to learn about the various tricks and tips behind the marketing tools and channels without understanding the basics of marketing is a recipe for failure.

marketing tools and channels

They are also misguided by advertisements and claims such as

“Learn Facebook Marketing and get a high paying digital marketing job”

“Learn Instagram Marketing and get a high paying digital marketing job”

Here is a fact – you can never become a Top 1% Marketer if you focus on the tools and platforms alone.

You will be struggling to catch up with the changes the tools and platforms make every single day.

Why am I saying this?

Because I did the same mistake 12 years back when I started my career as a Marketer.

The first 6 years of my career I was obsessed with learning marketing tools and platform – I was getting nowhere

The next 2 years of my career I spent understanding the marketing outcomes, this is when I was promoted to managerial roles.

The last 4 years is when I was spending my time learning about the real deal of Marketing – understanding the human buying behavior and crafting communication that influence people to make a buying decision.

This is the phase when I got phenomenal success as a marketer.

This led to a discovery…

If I had structured my career and acquired knowledge in the below sequence

  • First, start with understanding people 
  • Next learn the importance of understanding outcome and
  • Lastly learn about various tools and channels that help in scaling

Then I could have achieved the success that I have achieved today in less than half the time.

how to start digital marketing career

A mere reversal of the order in which you acquire knowledge can have a significant impact in your growth as a marketer.

Here is what makes you a Marketer…

Here is my sincere advice to all the aspiring Marketers, please focus on learning the CORE marketing concepts first.

This is what will make you a Marketer. Once you become a Marketer you will be able get phenomenal results by mastering tools and channels.

When I started my career 12 years back, Digital Marketing was very new and at that time there was no one to guide me.

After seeing so many ups and downs in my career, I believe its my responsibility to educate the next generation of Marketers and prevent them from doing the mistakes that I had done.

I hope you enjoyed this video and you will stay away from doing the mistake of getting obsessed with tools very early in your career without understanding core marketing concepts.

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In the next video, we will discuss in detail about the different topics that fall under the “CORE” circle of the Marketer’s Circle of Excellence.

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I will see you in the next video.

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