How to Structure Your Marketing Career and Become a 'T' Shaped Marketer

In this video, we are going to discuss about how to structure your digital marketing career.

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Digital Marketing Verticals

“T” Shaped Marketer

If you want to become a Top 1% Marketer, I recommend you to shape your career like a “T”

The first step is to choose any two verticals based on your base skill (quant or creative skills) and go really deep in that vertical.

You should master it in such a way that you are the best in the world in your chosen 2 verticals. Now this represent your depth of knowledge.

The next step will be to have a basic general knowledge in all other verticals, this will represent your width of knowledge.

This will shape your career like a “T”.

T shaped marketer

Once you gain mastery and acquire knowledge like I mentioned, you will be able to manage a Marketing Team and reach leadership positions easily.

In the future if you want to start your own Marketing agency or consulting company, shaping your career like a “T” will be crucial. This will help you face the marketing challenges presented by your clients easily.

Here is how I got started…

When I started my career, the first vertical I chose was email marketing, this was back in 2007.

The second vertical I mastered was Facebook marketing. I spent good 7 years to master these 2 verticals and then I spent 5 years to get a solid understanding of the other verticals.

It was these skills that helped me scale my last company Flintobox to multimillion-dollar revenue in less than a year, when I was working there as the Head of Marketing.

So, that’s it guys! I hope you were able to get clarity on how you can structure your career and fastrack your career to become a Top 1% Marketer.

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