How to Become the Most Valuable Marketer in Your Company- A Simple Plan to Skyrocket Your Marketing Career

Marketing is getting more complex every day and there are so many new tools and channels that are sprouting every single day. Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Tik Tok, the list is never ending.

Digital Marketing is a very new Industry, even though it’s hardly a decade old, but it’s one of the fastest changing industries ever!

If you are a marketer just starting your career or you are some who have started climbing the marketing success ladder, in this video I will tell you how to structure your career for success and become the most valuable marketer in your company.

For becoming a Marketer you need 2 important skills…

Quant skills and Creative skills

First, you need to evaluate which skill you are strong at.

If you are currently pursuing a digital marketing vertical like PPC marketing, email marketing, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation etc. There is a high chance that you lean towards your quant skills and you like numbers.

If you are pursuing a digital marketing vertical like copywriting, social media marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, etc. There is a high chance that you lean towards creative skills and you like words.

But to be a successful Marketer you need a mix of both the skills.

If you are starting your Marketing Career, ask yourself which skill you are naturally good at – Quant or Creative and accordingly you can choose a marketing vertical.

One Big Mistake Marketers Do…

I see this happening with most of the marketers I worked with. The marketer who is strong with his/her quant skills (Eg: PPC marketer/Email marketer, etc.) completely ignores to work on improving their creative skills. It’s like they are in a different world where creative skills doesn’t exist.

The same story applies to the marketers who are strong with their creative skills (Eg: Copywriters, social media marketers, etc.), they just run for their life when you speak about numbers and analytics.

In some extreme cases, some of the marketers who have a creative bent get offended if you ask them about the performance of their creative work and you might get an instant reply “creativity can’t be measured with some mere numbers”.

Marketer need a mix of both Quant and Creative skills, you can’t be effective in the absence of any one of these skills. Start focusing on improving the Marketing Base skills and try balancing them.

Become a “T” Shaped Marketer and Future-proof Your Career

The different marketing verticals can be broadly categorized into 3 buckets – Acquisition, Content and Monetisation.

It’s impossible for any marketer to become a master at all these different verticals. But my advice to you will be shape your marketing career like a “T”

If you are just starting out as a marketer, I will suggest choosing any 2 verticals based on your marketing base skill that you are strong at and then go really deep in these chosen verticals.

I spent most years of my career going deep into Email Marketing and Facebook Marketing. Going deep, helps you become a specialist and that forms the “Depth of knowledge” required to become a “T”shaped marketer.

While gaining deep knowledge in two of the chosen verticals, start gathering basic information about the other marketing verticals, this forms the “Width of knowledge” required to become a “T” shaped marketer.

So like the Alphabet “T”  the horizontal line represents the “Width of knowledge” and the vertical line represents the “Depth of knowledge

The “T” shaped marketers are also called the Full-stack Marketers and these types of marketers are in short supply and can instantly stand out from the generalist and the specialists in any marketing team.

Final Thoughts…

Whichever stage of marketing career you are in, I will strongly recommend you to evaluate your marketing base skills and become a “T” shaped marketer.

To stay relevant in the worlds fastest changing industry, we as marketers need to become a learning machine and explore opportunities to implement whatever you learnt. I want to conclude with one of my favorite quotes from the Legend – Charlie Munger

If you have any questions regarding the above mentioned concepts please leave a comment I will be happy to answer them 🙂

Marketer. Loves spreading smiles, enjoys ginger tea and sensible conversations around marketing and life.

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