Timeless Marketing Lessons That Converts Ordinary Marketers into Alpha Marketers

behavioral psychology

Behavioral Psychology

The human buying behaviour has not changed for thousands of years. Master the science of 'why people make a buying decision' and influence your prospective customers to respond to your marketing message every single time.


Branding & Positioning

As a marketer if you are not building a brand you will be marketing a commodity, and its tough to succeed by marketing a commodity. Lean the art and science of building a brand. This will make you and your company survive the competition for a long long time to come.



Learn the art and science of turning words into cash. Words are everything - words can can bring clarity, words can make customers think, words can make customers feel and words if you used in the right sequence can literally sell anything.



If you have something to share with the world - an idea, product, service or message - you need to have a proven formula to sell it.

Learn the proven sales formula that can bring predictable revenue every single month.



Storytelling is the Marketer's precious weapon that turn's words into emotions and emotions into cold hard cash.
Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell - Seth Godin

funnel marketing

Funnel Marketing

As marketers we need to take our potential customers through a journey from an unaware state to a fully aware state.

Learn what to communicate when so that the journey to purchase is smooth and short.