How to Start, Grow and Succeed in Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing as a career is on fire right now and there are a lot of people out there who want to be a digital marketer.

But here is a problem, there are a lot of free blogs, YouTube videos, courses that talk about digital marketing tips, tricks and hacks.

But there are not many resources that tell you

  • Where to start,
  • What to learn,
  • What mistakes to avoid and
  • How to structure your career and hand it over to you as a step by step plan.

This made me think and recollect the memories of the days when I started my Marketing career back in 2007.

It is very difficult to survive and succeed in this highly competitive industry without a proper step by step career plan.

I have made countless mistakes and wasted a lot of precious years in the industry without a proper guidance and a plan.

So I thought it will be worthwhile if I can help people who are facing this problem and help them avoid the mistakes that I made.

This is the first video of the 6 part video series designed to help you

  • Get absolute clarity on how to start a digital marketing career,
  • Fast-track your growth and
  • Succeed fast by avoid expensive mistakes.

In this video, I reveal the secret formula used by Top Marketers to get phenomenal results in their marketing career. 

This will be a great starting point for anyone who is planning to start a marketing career.

To do that, I want you to understand something called “The Marketer’s Circle of Excellence”.

The Marketer’s Circle of Excellence

This is a framework I discovered after studying very closely the top marketers in the world and interestingly they all follow the same pattern

The framework has 3 concentric circles

Marketer's Circle of Excellence Framework

The core refers to the understanding that you have as a marketer about people and with which how you are able to influence their buying decisions.

This is the most important skill a marketer should possess.

Let’s assume if you want to measure your success as a marketer in a scale of 100, then this skill of the ability to understand people and communicate to them in a way that influences their buying decision contributes 80% of the success metric.

Next comes the inner circle – This is the ability of a Marketer to measure the outcome of any marketing activity and understand the consequences.

This is very important, because as they say – only what get measured gets maintained.

This contributes 10% of your success as a Marketer

Lastly, you have the outer circle – This is the ability of a marketer to use the right marketing tools and platform to spread the marketing message.

This is also very important because without the use of tools and the right platform you will not be scale your business.

This contributes 10% of your success as a Marketer.

Great Marketers have One Thing in Common…

I want to quote the example of 3 greatest marketers of all time

  • Steve Jobs
  • Seth Godin
  • David Ogilvy

All have one thing in common, all of them are exceptional communicators.

They were all good at excelling at the 3 circles but they were exceptional at the CORE – They had deep understanding of people and created communication that influenced people to make a buying decision.

In the upcoming videos, I will tell you in detail about how you can be exceptional at understanding people and create communication that influence people like the Top 1% Marketers.

So, hope this video was useful to you and you were able to understand the Marketer’s Circle of Excellence Framework.

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In the next video we will discuss about the No.1 Mistake Most Marketers Do – Fixing this alone will put you way ahead of other marketers and fast-track your career to become a Top 1% Marketer.

I hope you don’t want to miss it, I will see you on the other side!

Be Remarkable. Be an Alpha.