Digital Marketing Verticals – Everything You Should Know to Make the Right Choice

The various digital marketing verticals can be classified into 3 categories, I call them buckets.

Digital Marketing Verticals

The First Bucket is Paid Acquisition – Any marketing activity that involves investing in advertising to acquire leads and eventually turn them into customers.

The paid acquisition bucket includes verticals like Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Google search and display advertising, YouTube advertising, Quora advertising and Native advertising.

Measuring the outcome of advertising goes hand in hand with all the verticals in the paid acquisition bucket and for that reason the Analytics vertical is also considered part of the paid acquisition bucket.

The Second Bucket is Content Marketing – Any marketing activity that helps in creating and optimizing content to empower paid and organic acquisition.

Marketing verticals such as blogging, SEO, community management, social media, public relations, video creation and graphic design fall under the content marketing bucket.

The Third Bucket is Monetization – Any marketing activity that helps in closing the deal and converts prospective leads into customers using tools and technology.

Marketing verticals such as email marketing, sms marketing, push notifications, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger marketing fall under this bucket.

Additionally marketing verticals like Testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation which are directly related to increasing the revenue from the existing traffic is also considered part of the monetization bucket.

So, the sheer number of verticals might make you feel scary and leave you confused as to which one of these you should choose or should I master all of them.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks like.

In the next video I will tell you how to choose the right marketing vertical according to your natural strength and propel your way to become a Top 1% Marketer.

I hope you found this useful, if you think this can benefit your friends or colleagues, please feel free to share this knowledge with them.

I will see you in the next video.

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