The Secret Science That Makes People Buy - Learn About the Emotional Brain that Makes Buying Decisions

People don’t buy when they think, people buy when they feel – that’s the essence behind Limbic Marketing.

We covered in-depth about the Neocortex in the previous episodes. The Neocortex is the thinking brain and its primary job is to think and filter out the information that it comes across.

With strategies mentioned in the previous episodes you will be able to get your marketing communication past the Neocortex easily.

Now it’s time for some buying action and that happens inside the Limbic system.

So, the Limbic system is the part of the brain where all the feelings happen. The Limbic system is also called the Emotional Brain.

Let me tell you how this works…

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As we discussed in the earlier chapters, the human brain’s primary function is to keep us alive and help us spread our genes and leave a legacy.

Or in other words we call this “The Survive and Thrive” policy.

Now the Limbic system is motivated by 2 things

  • Seek Pleasure
  • Avoid Pain

Both of these are directly linked to the survive and thrive policy.

Neurochemicals that Influence Our Buying Decisions

The Limbic system releases some specific chemicals when we encounter any information or situation that promotes our ability to survive and thrive.

If we encounter an information or situation that promotes us to survive and thrive then the “Seek Pleasure” part of the Limbic system is activated

When this happens, the Limbic system can release any one of 4 Chemicals also known as the Happy Chemicals

  • Dopamine
  • Endorphin
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin

If we encounter an information or situation that does not promote our survival, that feels like a threat to our survival then the “Avoid Pain” part of the Limbic system is activated.

Now when this happens the Limbic system releases a chemical called – “Cortisol” also known as the Fear Chemical.

These chemicals are responsible for our feelings. Our feelings are responsible for our buying decisions.

From a marketing context, with careful use of words you can induce the above-mentioned chemicals in a customer’s brain and make them feel in a particular way.

And the feelings significantly increase the chance of the customers buying your product.

If you master this art and science you will master persuasion and it will become easy for you to sell any product that is worth selling.

This is very powerful and I want you to use this knowledge with responsibly.

This can be easily misused. I want you to promise me that you will not use this knowledge to market and sell something that is bad for humanity.

I hope as an Alpha Marketer you will behave responsibly.

Ok, so in the upcoming videos we will discuss in detail about each of these Chemicals, the feelings associated with them.

We will also discuss how top marketers around the world use marketing communication to influence the Limbic system, trigger the chemicals and eventually make people to buy.

So, watch out for it, this is going to be a game changer for your marketing career.

Action for Today 

Share this knowledge with your friends, have a discussion with them about the Limbic system and make note of the chemicals that I have mentioned in the video and paste it in your desk or cubicle where you sit.

So, thanks for your time guys!

I will see you in the next video, bye!

Be Remarkable. Be an Alpha.