The Psychology of Marketing – How the Customer’s Brain Reacts to Your Marketing (And How You Can Save Millions by Avoiding Expensive Marketing Mistakes)

Understanding the psychology of marketing is key to succeed as a marketer and prevent you from making expensive marketing mistakes.

Marketing without understanding how the customer’s brain will perceive a marketing message is like shooting in the dark.

It’s like hoping 1 out of 10 messages will work. Marketers who are not aware of the marketing psychology are playing a guessing game and unfortunately that cost’s your business a lot of money. I mean a lot.

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So, in this video, I will help you understand the 3 parts of the human brain and how each one of them reacts to your marketing message.

Ready to roll? Let’s get started!


Neocortex – The Thinking Brain

Among the 3 parts, the first one is called the Neo-cortex, also known as the thinking brain.

This part of the brain makes sense of what’s happening around us. It understands language, imagery, visuals and audio.

This is the first layer; it decides which information is:

– Useful or not useful?

– Essential or not essential?

– Right or wrong?

– Good or bad?

All thinking and judgement happens in this brain. The Neocortex plays a crucial role in the success of a marketing message.

When we human beings are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages every day, this brain is responsible to filter out the right marketing message for us to consider and take action.

So, if you have to communicate as a marketer, you have to pass your marketing message through the neocortex first, only then you can enter into other parts of the brain which eventually make decisions.

I will discuss in detail about neocortex in a separate video and how it plays an important role from a marketing point of view.

Next, let’s look at the limbic system or the emotional brain.


The Limbic System – The Emotional Brain

All the feelings that we have, all the emotions that we have happens through inside the limbic system. And most importantly all the buying decisions are controlled by the limbic system.

It’s like a hot button, you press this button and in most cases it triggers a sale!

As a Marketer you need to understand how to influence the Limbic System to make a buying decision.

I will discuss about the limbic system in a detailed video later, now let’s move on to the next one.

The R Complex – The Action Brain

The last one is called the R complex or the reptilian brain. This part of the brain has everything to do with our survival, its responsible for executing our actions.

It constantly keeps watch whether we are in danger or not, the animalistic instinct that we have is because of the reptilian brain.

Just imagine if somebody throws a stone at you, immediately you will try to protect yourself, right?

That reaction and reflex is because of the reptilian brain. I will discuss in detail about the R complex or the reptilian brain in another video.

Hope enjoyed this video and some understanding about the different parts of the brain.


Action for today:

I want you to go back and talk to your friends, talk to your marketing colleagues about the 3 parts of the brain and their function.

Let’s spread the knowledge and let’s create a lot of other alpha marketers who think with a holistic approach and make marketing powerful and wonderful rather than relying on tools and techniques.

In next video, we will discuss in detail about Neocortex, that’s a very crucial part of doing marketing well and eventually making a sale.

So that’s it for today, I will see you in the next video 😊

Be Remarkable. Be an Alpha.