Psychological Ad Success Trigger No.2 - The Promise to Save Time

Let’s get started and understand how the psychological ad success trigger of “Saving Time” is used by top advertisers around the world.

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For human beings, time is very precious, time is money, time is going help us survive,

When an advertisement appeals about saving time, then it instantly activates the Neocortex to consume the advertisement.

One good example for saving time will be the Domino’s Pizza ad – pizza delivery in 30 mins or your pizza is free.

psychological trigger save time

The messaging is very powerful, isn’t it?

It directly appeals that

– You don’t have to waste time and effort to cook,

– You don’t have to drive through a busy traffic filled road and waste an hour to travel to a restaurant to enjoy food.

Just sit back make a call and place the order, wait for 30 mins and pizza is in front of you!

This definitely has attracted a lot of eye balls, a lot of people have consumed this advertisement and they eventually ended up buying pizzas from Domino’s.

Products That are Built to “Save Time” Grab Attention Easily.

More examples of this will be around the Food delivery apps like, Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato.

All these apps, by design appeal to this concept of saving time.

Just imagine how convenient has it become for us to order food.

We think of our food, we open any of these apps, click and within couple of minutes the food is right in front of you.

Most of these apps have hit a home-run and are minting a lot of money in terms of revenue.

So, to conclude,

Any advertisement which directly appeals to the brain, the Neocortex that it’s going to save time,

then the ad has higher possibility of consumption by the Neocortex and get passed on to the Limbic System for further processing.

So, hope you enjoyed this video!

In our next video we are going to discuss the concept of “being part of a community / being part of a social network” and how that activates the Neocortex.

We will discuss the science behind it with the help of an easy to understand example advertisement.

Action for Today

Checkout the ads of Domino’s Pizzas, Swiggy, Uber Eats and Zomato.

If you come across any ads that use the psychological ad success trigger of saving time. make a collection of those.

If applicable you can take inspiration from these ads for your next Facebook ad or email or any form of advertising.

So that’s it for today,!

And hey, don’t forget to talk to your friends about this, do this exercise along with your friends,.

Let’s learn together and spread the knowledge.

Thank you so much for your time and I will see you in the next video.

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