Psychological Ad Success Trigger No.5 (The Promise to Help People Make Money)

In this video, we are going to discuss about the psychological ad trigger “Make Money / Accumulate Resources”.

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When an advertisement communicates that by consuming the advertisement the customer can make money or accumulate more resources, it will instantly switch ON the Neocortex to consume the advertisement and send it to the limbic system for further processing.

So Why We Love Making Money?

In our cavemen days, it was not possible to go out and hunt every day.

During rainy days or during snowfall the hunters might have to take a break.

This led to the habit of accumulating resources so that the tribe can survive when the tribe members were not able to hunt.

Accumulating resources is directly linked to our survival.

In today’s context, it means to make and accumulate money so that we can buy any resource that is required for our survival.

The second aspect is that when you accumulate more money, it makes you rich!

Becoming rich is associated with “Gaining Status” which in turn helps you thrive (spread your genes and leave a legacy).

Accumulating resources or money is a very powerful trigger to activate the Neocortex, since it checks both the check-boxes of the Neocortex filter “Survive and Thrive”.

A good example will be the countless “Get rich quick schemes” that we come across.

Most of them had failed in the past and people ended up losing money, most people know that it’s a risk but still many fall prey to it even today.

The promise of making money is very powerful and has the inherent power to attract people’s attention.

We all love to have more money with us, having more money makes us feel good right?

Now, let’s take a look at an example of how this concept is used by Marketers in advertisement.

Here is an Ad from Kotak Mutual Fund,

ad examples about making money

It says a monthly SIP of INR 10,000 in 18 years has become 1.58 Crores.

This directly appeals to the Neocortex of the consumer and says that investing in Mutual funds can help them make more money.

Wealth creation instruments such as mutual funds are doing really well today, thanks to advertisements like these.

Action for Today

Please check out advertisements like this that directly appeal to the Neocortex that consuming the advertisement can help the customer make more money or accumulate more resources.

Make a repository of these ads and use it as an inspiration for your future ads, if it is applicable to the type of product you are marketing.

Don’t forget to do this exercise with your friends, share knowledge and learn together.

This will help reinforce your learning.

In next video we are going to discuss about the psychological trigger of satisfying people’s “Desire for Meaning”.

This psychological trigger is powerful than all the Ad success triggers that we discussed so far.

I hope you don’t want to miss it, so watch out for the next video!

Thank you so much for the time and I will see you in the next video, bye.

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