Psychological Ad Success Trigger No.4 (Raise People's Status and They Will Listen)

In the last three videos we discussed about the 3 of the 6 Ad success triggers that help you get past the Neocortex.

And they were… Save money, save time and be a part of community or social network.

In today’s video we are going talk about the concept of “Gaining Status”.

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So, as we discussed in the earlier videos, our brain is still the brain of a cave man or cave women.

Why the Neocortex Brain Loves The Idea of Gaining Status…

In ancient days, the cavemen needed to prove that they were stronger and superior than the other people in the tribe.

Because, this helps them become an Alpha in their tribe.

So, once they became an Alpha, they get respect and their status changes.

Gaining status within the tribe increases the possibility of attracting a suitable mate this helps human beings to spread their genes (reproduce) and leave a legacy.

We human beings, feel really good when we get respect from people around us, isn’t it?

Gaining status and respect both go hand in hand.

From the point of view of the Neocortex brain, gaining status is good for thriving (to spread genes and leave a legacy)

And if your ad communicates to the Neocortex about gaining status, then the Neocortex brain is going to love it, process it and pass it on to the Limbic system for further processing.

Now let’s look at example Ad,

ads that appeal to gaining status


This is an AD from BMW 7 series, it says “Drive in Luxury, Arrive in Style”

Very simple and stylish photograph, very powerful copy, directly appealing to the concept of gaining status.

So, if you look at the advertising of very high-end pricey cars like BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Maserati etc.

They directly appeal to the status; they don’t talk about horsepower, ground clearance or fuel efficiency.

But if you check the advertisements of the low-end cars or the entry level cars, you will see a different type of communication.

The advertisement will be filled with all kinds of information about how much cost efficient it is, how much fuel it saves or the horse power or the ground clearance etc. – all that technical information.

The high-end cars keep it very simple, they directly appeal to the status.

Have you noticed this?

This is very powerful.

So, here is a fact…

It is comparatively easy to sell a luxury product, that helps in people to gain status.

So, that’s the psychological ad success trigger “gaining status”.

Action for today:

Please make a repository of advertisements that directly appeal to gaining status of the customer.

Try to understand the copy and visuals as to how they are used to appeal to the Neocortex about gaining status.

And as always, do this exercise along with your friend, share this knowledge, learn together and be an Alpha.

So, in the next video I’m going talk about the Psychological trigger of appealing to “make money or accumulate resources”.

I will see you in the next video, thank you so much, Bye Bye!

Be Remarkable. Be an Alpha.