Why Some Ads Fail and Some Become a Winner (Learn the Secret of Neocortex Marketing)

In a day we come across thousands of advertising messages, through TV, internet, billboards, banners etc.

It’s practically impossible for us to pay attention to all of them. In fact, our brain is trained to ignore advertising.

In a world filled with so much noise, how can your advertisement standout and get the attention of the human brain?

As a marketer, if you want your advertising message to stand out and appeal to the human brain for consumption and action, then you should understand the function of the Neocortex brain.

In this video I reveal the function of the Neocortex brain and how it decides to consume or ignore your marketing message.

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Neocortex – Thinking brain (Thoughts)

The Neocortex also known as the Thinking Brain. The Neocortex Makes sense of what’s happening around us.

The primary job of Neocortex is to filter out the information that we come across and decide which ones to pass on to the other parts of the brain.

I want you to imagine the Neocortex as a gatekeeper in the zoo, filtering out information that goes to the Emotional Brain and Reptilian Brain which are like wild animals.

The Neocortex is very picky and choosy about what information it wants to process and send to the Emotional Brain and the Reptilian Brain.

Because once the information reaches the Emotional Brain and Reptilian Brain then the Neocortex can’t do anything about it, pretty much all the human behavior and decisions are controlled by the emotional brain and executed by the reptilian brain.

I want you to imagine this graphic

parts of brain

The Neocortex is responsible for our thoughts The Limbic System is responsible for our emotions And the R-complex or the Reptilian Brain is responsible for our actions.

Our thoughts influence our emotions and our emotions influence our action, that’s the flow.

So, from a marketing perspective, if you have to influence a buyer to make a buying decision then you have to make sure your marketing communication is processed by the Neocortex and successfully passed on to the Limbic System for further action.

So how do we do that?

I will reveal the exact science to get your marketing message past the gatekeeper or otherwise known as the Neocortex in the next video.

Action for Today

Please go and talk to your friends and colleagues about the Neocortex and its functions, this will help you reinforce the learning and will help you to remember the concept better.

And here is the beautiful part of sharing the knowledge, you can help your friends and colleagues to do better in their career or business and they will be eternally grateful to you.

That’s a great feeling to have isn’t it?

So, let’s share knowledge and lead the pack

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