The Marketing Superpower – Find How You Can Get the Access!

Do you want the access to the Marketing Superpower?

There are millions of people who call them marketing professionals, but only the Top 1% of them understand and have access to this superpower.

In this video, I am going to tell you what that superpower is and how you can access it.

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This is the first lesson of the Alpha Marketer Academy Membership Program.

Today’s video is all about setting the right context for the upcoming videos.

Let me start with a basic question – 

What is the Job of a Marketer?

There are so many confusing answer to this question on the internet so I thought to start today’s class by defining the answer for you in the simplest way possible.

As marketers our job is to communicate about a product to a prospective buyer in such a manner that it creates interest and desire so strong that they will put their hands inside their wallet and happily exchange their hard-earned money for the product you sell.

Let’s us start by understanding the Marketing process in detail.

The Marketing Process

There are 3 entities are involved in the Marketing process.


As a marketer you have the absolute control over the product. You can ask your product team to change the colour, change the packaging, add some features, basically you can do whatever you want.

What about the buyer? The buyer is controlled by his brain. The decision to buy your product or not to buy your product happens inside the buyer’s brain.

So, as a Marketer it is very important to understand how the human brain makes a buying decision. If you are able to master this, then you will have a Marketing Superpower!

If you are able to understand how the brain makes a buying decision, then you can craft your communication in a way that makes it easy for the buyers’ brain to make the decision to buy your product.

As a Marketer, your job is to make it easy for the buyer’s brain to make the decision to buy your product.


Action for today :

I want you to go back and check any of your past marketing communication and ask this question – is the communication making it easy for the buyer to make the buying decision?

Secondly, I want you to go and talk to your friends and colleagues about the importance of understanding the human brain and how it makes decision to buy a product to succeed in Marketing.

Sharing this knowledge will help you reinforce the learning and will help you to remember the concept better.

And here is the beautiful thing about sharing the knowledge, you can help your friends and colleagues to do better in their career or business and they will be eternally grateful to you.

That’s a great feeling to have isn’t it? As Alpha Marketers let us lead the way and help other marketers to succeed in their marketing adventures.

In the next video we will understand in detail about the human brain and how it makes decision. See you in the next video, bye for now 😊