Why People Buy? Find Out How The Brain Makes a Buying Decision

If You Crack This Secret, You Will Have a Marketing Superpower

How does the brain make a buying decision? As a marketer if you understand this, you will have a superpower with which you can scientifically make an effort to influence a customer’s buying decision.

Now, how cool is that?

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To understand this we need to take a quick journey to our past and learn how our ancestors lived.

In Marketing context lets understand the primary function of the Human Brain.

The primary function of the human brain is to help us Survive and Thrive. In other words, this means to Stay Alive and Spread the Genes/Legacy.

I will explain this to you with some examples.

We were all externally evolved versions of cave men/women. Over the years, the environment that we live in has evolved drastically, externally we have made a lot of adoptions to match the environment that we live in.

We don’t have hunt animals or gather foods to survive, instead we do a job or business to make money which helps us buy food and survive.

In the cave men period both men and women had to prove that they are stronger and superior than others in their tribe order to attract a suitable mate so that they can reproduce and spread their genes.

In those days to prove you are stronger and superior you would have to be fight other members of the tribe, over power them, or kill a lion, tame an elephant and do all kinds of crazy stuff.

Today, its more about how much social security you have in terms of how much money you have, what assets you have – house, car etc.

In addition to this, things like how healthy, fit and good looking you are also plays a major part in attracting a suitable mate and eventually create a legacy for us.

So, why am I telling you these examples?

Our surroundings have changed, but our brain has not changed.

Which means for you as a marketer must understand that all the marketing communication that we do as marketers has to appeal and explain the prospective buyer’s brain how the product is going to help them :-

Survive and Thrive

Or in other words Stay alive and Spread their Genes and Legacy.

This is the superpower that will help marketers to ease the effort required by the customer’s brain to make a purchase decision. The easier it is to make the decision, more will be sales numbers.

Before making any buying decision the brain asks these 2 questions

1) Will the decision help me to stay alive / survive?

2) Will the decision help me spread my genes and legacy?

Here is a fact, the human brain has remained the same for thousands of years and I am pretty sure it will remain the same for another thousand years to come.

As a marketer if you understand how the human brain makes the buying decision, you can be assured that you will have predictable success with your marketing efforts for a long time.

Action for today :

I want you to go back and check your past marketing communications and ask this simple question

– is the communication telling the buyers brain that the product that you are trying to market helps them survive and thrive?

Secondly, I want you to go and talk to your friends and colleagues about the primary function of the human brain which is to survive and thrive, discuss about this concept and get their point of view in this topic.

Sharing this knowledge will help you reinforce the learning and will help you to remember the concept better.

And here is the beautiful thing about sharing the knowledge, you can help your friends and colleagues to do better in their career or business and they will be eternally grateful to you.

That’s a great feeling to have isn’t it? As Alpha Marketers let us lead the way and help other marketers to succeed in their marketing adventures.

In the next video we will understand in detail about the 3 parts of the brain and they play a part in making the buying decision.

See you in the next video, bye for now 😊

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