6 Psychological Triggers That Will Make Your Ad a Success

There is a science behind getting your ad noticed and make it a success.

The science revolves around 6 triggers that activate the Neocortex Brain and instantly process your advertisement and pass it on the Limbic System and Reptilian Brain for further processing.

In this video I reveal the 6 triggers that will make your ad a success by easily getting past the Neocortex Brain.

Just imagine how proud you will feel when your ad becomes a roaring success and rakes in millions, every single time.

Ready to roll? Let’s get started!

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As we discussed in the last video, The Neocortex Brain does the job of filtering the information that are important to us.

All the thinking happens in this part of the brain. It invokes logic to filter the information that it comes across.

When it comes across any information, it asks the question

– is this information going to help us Survive and Thrive? If the answer is yes, the information is passed for further processing by the Limbic System and the Reptilian Brain.

I will break down the phrase “survive and thrive” into 6 points, which I call the Ad success triggers.

So, here are the 6 Ad success triggers that the Neocortex looks out for to process your advertisement and pass it on to the Limbic System and the Reptilian Brain for further processing.

Does your ad communicate to the Neocortex about how to:

1) Save Money

In the day and age, we live in money is required to buy food and other essentials – so it clearly helps in survival. So, anything that promotes survival, the Neocortex will be interested in consuming the information or in your case your advertisement.

2) Save Time

Time is precious for us and time is also money. Having more time in life helps you do more with your life – so “Saving Time” promotes survival and the Neocortex loves that.

3) Build Community / social networks

As human beings when we are part of a community, we feel safe, we can accomplish more as a group.

This helps in our survival. Being part of a community also gives us a chance to find a mate and eventually spread your genes and leave a legacy – hence helps us to thrive)

So, both the requirements of survive and thrive is checked when your ad appeals to the Neocortex that it’s going help in building a community or be part of a social network.

4) Gain status

Gaining status helps us feel good; we earn respect which increases our chance of finding a mate which eventually opens up opportunity to spread our genes and leave a legacy.

If your ad appeals to the Neocortex that it’s going to help gain status and promote thriving (spread the genes and leave a legacy) then it’s going to consider your ad for consumption and further processing.

5) Accumulate resources / makes money

More resources or money helps us survive and if we get rich, it changes our status and helps us attract a mate, spread our genes and leave a legacy.

So, the Neocortex is definitely going to be interested if your ad communicates that it’s going to help accumulate resources or make more money.

6) Desire for meaning – invite people to be a part of something bigger than themselves, be a part of a movement like Good Vs Evil.

When people’s survival needs are met, they desire for a meaning. This helps people to create an identity for themselves which eventually helps them gain status and that eventually leads to opening up opportunities for spreading their genes and leaving a legacy.

So, if your ad appeals to people’s desire for meaning, then the Neocortex is going to be interested in your ad.

So, in essence if your ad headline, thumbnail or poster satisfies any of the above 6 points aka the Ad success triggers, then the Neocortex Brain will happily process your ad information and pass it on to the Limbic System and the Reptilian brain for further processing.

In the next video, I will discuss in detail about each of these 6 Ad success triggers and also explain them with a suitable example so that you will never forget them.

Action for today –

Please go and talk to your friends and colleagues about these “6 Ad success triggers” and also check your past advertisements or marketing message whether they satisfy any of the above-mentioned Ad success triggers.

Sharing this knowledge with your friends helps you reinforce what you learnt and it’s also a great feeling when your help your friends to survive and thrive 😊

I can’t wait to meet you in the next video, so bye for now.

Be Remarkable. Be an Alpha.