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Struggling to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

  • Do You Doubt Whether You Can Succeed as an Affiliate Marketer?
  • Are You Confused About How to Learn Affiliate Marketing?
  • Is Too Much FREE information about Affiliate Marketing Confusing You?
  • Are You Worried Not Having a Proven System to Promote Your Affiliate Products Ethically?
  • Are You Worried How to Select the Right Products to Promote?
  • Are You Worried How to Build an Audience Who Will be Happy to Buy Your Affiliate Products?

Most aspiring Affiliate Marketers struggle with the same questions. You’re not alone and we can help!

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There is a negative image about Affiliate Marketing because of people practicing it without the right education and skills.

I have designed this course to teach you the exact 4 step process that I use to promote affiliate products ethically in such a way that your audience will thank you for recommending them products.

If You Know Exactly How to Choose the Right Audience to Serve, Systematically Grow it and Recommend the Right Products, Nobody Can Stop You From Becoming an Affiliate Marketing Machine

Target Audience

Build an Audience  

You'll learn to the choose and grow the right audience to serve based on your unique strengths & passion


Build Trust  

You'll learn how to solve your audiences' problems and build trust systematically with content

High paying job

Recommend & Earn  

You'll learn to choose the right products to promote - the ones your audience will want to buy happily through you

Your Plan to Become an Affiliate Marketing Machine

Step 1

Join the Course

Get access to life changing video lessons, checklists and templates for a small fee

Step 2

Practice What You Learn

Learn Affiliate Marketing Step by Step by watching videos and implementing the practical tasks

Step 3

Start Generating Income

Build your Affiliate Marketing Business and start earning by recommending products that your audience will love

You'll Have Help at Every Step

As soon as you join the Affiliate Marketing Machine course, you'll have guidance and support from a team of like-minded marketers in a fun and supportive environment

Antony LIVE
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • Every Wednesday at 8 PM join me on a LIVE Q&A video call along with other students and get your questions answered
community 1
  • Access to Community
  • Join like-minded marketers inside our private social network. Share ideas, get feedback, receive support whenever you need it.
Online library
  • Coaching Vault
  • You'll have access to library of group coaching sessions where you can see other students ask questions and get guidance directly from Antony.

What Students are Saying...


"For the past couple of months, I have been overwhelmed with internet and affiliate marketing. I would have tried countless tools and taken every internet marketing guru's advice because they promise the world and make it sound like a get rich quick scheme. But nothing seem to work for me. When I came across Antony Chacko's Training I felt there was something different. He just seemed real to me. I followed the lessons and I'm glad that I finally have started my Affiliate Marketing journey. I know exactly what my next 10 steps are how I should execute them. I can't tell you how practical this course is.". - Serene Elizabeth, Cochin

Kuntall Sood

"I had vague idea of Affiliate Marketing, somewhere inside I felt I need a system to execute the knowledge step by step. The Affiliate Marketing Machine course gave me so much clarity as to what to execute first, what to execute second and so on. I have selected my niche, created my website and now actively creating content to build trust with my audience and recommending products. If you are on the fence, just take action, you won't regret it.". - Kuntall Sood, Madhya Pradesh

Deep Chheda

"The internet today has so much information about Affiliate marketing that instead of giving clarity, it only confuses you. The Affiliate Marketing machine course gave me a step by step system to get started with my affiliate marketing journey. It's not easy, its hard work but that's what will give you long term results. The support I get from the Alpha Marketer community and the weekly LIVE QA calls is simply amazing. I feel the support you get with Antony Chacko and his team is the big differentiator.” - Deep Chheda, Mumbai"

Everything is Online. No Travel Required.

The courses and group coaching are based online so you can access them anytime, anywhere from any device.


  •  Easy to Understand Videos
  •  Learn From Anywhere On Any Device
  •  Lifetime Access to Videos

Antony Chacko

About Your Coach

Antony is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Marketer, previously Head of Marketing @ Flintobox. 

Prior to that he was associated with Royal Sundaram General Insurance, Hotcourses India and Tata Consultancy Services. 

With over a decade long Marketing experience in industries like Market research, Insurance, Education, Real Estate and E-commerce, he has built multiple high impact marketing teams from scratch and helped scale businesses reach multi million dollar revenue.  

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You are Protected with a 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

This training is 100% risk FREE

If you feel like you don't get 10X the value from the training, send an email to us ANYTIME during 7 days, and we'll happily refund your full payment.  

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What's My Investment?

  • How much money are you losing by not knowing how promote affiliate products the right way? 
  • How much is the cost of the precious time that you might be losing in poor training and wrong advice?
  • How much is the cost of the trust you might lose without proven & ethical Affiliate Marketing tactics?
  • A lack of practical training and actionable advice to execute Affiliate Marketing the right way may already be costing you a great deal.

Here are the Lessons You Will Learn

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and It's Benefits
  • Type of Affiliate Offers and Where to Find Them
  • How Not to Do Affiliate Marketing
  • The 4 Step Process to Become an Affiliate Marketing Machine
  • How to Find Your Niche
  • How to Build an Audience
  • How to Build Trust
  • How to Sell Affiliate Products
  • How to Create Your Affiliate Funnel
  • Practical Tasks to Create Affiliate Marketing Content and Get Feedback from the Community of Experts

Here is What You Get When You Join

(You get value worth INR 21,000)

Access to life-changing video lessons, templates and checklists (INR 2,499 Value)

Short, easy to understand video lessons and 'fill in the blanks' templates listed day wise so that you can learn Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step.

1 Year Access to Exclusive Private Social Network of Marketers (INR 5,000 Value)

Join like-minded marketers inside our private member-only community. Share ideas, get feedback, receive support whenever you need it.

1 Year Access to Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls (INR 15,000 Value)

Learn new things, get your questions answered and hangout with me and other marketers over a live video call every week.

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  • Q. When will the course start and finish?
  • A. You will get an email with the course access details once you make the payment. You can start it whenever you want. You have lifetime access to the course. Work at your own pace - there is no deadline to finish.(Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. What if I don't like the course, will I get Refund?
  • A. Yes absolutely! For whatever reason if you don't like the course just send an email to within 7 days of joining the course. We will promptly refund 100% of the course fee, no questions asked. (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. What Exactly is the Affiliate Marketing Machine course all about?
  • A. The Affiliate Marketing Machine is a unique program that will teach you Affiliate Marketing Step by Step through short and interesting pre-recorded videos and hands-on Practical tasks.
  • The best thing is that you can complete the practical task and submit it inside the exclusive student only community (This is not a facebook group), where you can get genuine feedback to improve your Affiliate Marketing skills from experts and fellow students.
  • You can also clarify your doubts through weekly LIVE Q&A Video call that happens every week with Antony (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. How to clear my Doubts? What if I get stuck while I implement the practical task?
  • A. No worries. When you enrol in the course, you will be added to our exclusive student-only private social network (This is not a Facebook Group). Just join in with your questions and get them answered.
  • You are not alone in this journey; you will have the support of me, the Alpha Marketer team and the amazing Alpha Marketer Student Community. (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. I want to start my online business, is this course useful for me?
  • A. Absolutely Yes. If you want to start an online business to promote your own product, that's a great way of generating income. Affiliate Marketing can help you generate an additional source of income by recommending valuable resources and tools that you use in your business and can genuinely help your audience. This course will help you to do that exactly step by step. (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. I don't have any technical skills, can I learn Affiliate Marketing?
  • A. You don't need any technical knowledge to become an Affiliate Marketer. Today the marketing tools are so advanced that by just dragging and dropping you can create a website, edit videos, create advertisements, videos without any technical knowledge.
  • I am a Digital Marketer for more than a decade now, today I run a thriving online business and I don't have any technical knowledge. If I can do it, then you definitely can! (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. I Know nothing about Affiliate Marketing and I am from a different background (Engineering / Sales / Arts / Finance etc.) Will this still work for me?
  • A. This program is designed to teach Affiliate Marketing Step by Step from Scratch, so this is perfect if you don’t know anything about Affiliate Marketing. (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. I Have a Smartphone but don’t have a Laptop or Desktop, Can I enroll in this course?
  • A. You can watch the videos easily on your smartphone, but for completing the practical task you will require a laptop or desktop computer. See if you can get your friend’s laptop for 2 days to complete the practical task. (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. Can I Become Affiliate Marketing Expert after this course?
  • A. The idea of this course is to give you a 360-degree understanding of how Affiliate Marketing works and provide you with a solid foundation with the help of the practical tasks.
  • You can become an expert only if you practically implement the lessons taught in the course and take action every day to achieve mastery. (Click to go to the list of questions)
  • Q. Is this LIVE training? What are the class timings?
  • A. No, this is not a LIVE training. Once you enroll in the Affiliate Marketing Machine course, you will get access to pre-recorded videos.
  • The videos are hosted on a separate course platform (Teachable) and you will get your login access to watch the videos.
  • However, every Wednesday at 8 pm, there will be a LIVE Q&A Video Call where you can ask your questions directly to Antony along with other students in the community. (Click to go to the list of questions)

This is simply the best way to Kickstart your Affiliate Marketing Career.

Join thousands of students who have transformed their career and launched their Affiliate Marketing Business...

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